Is your Institution well geared up to tackle the pandemic?

Is your Institution well geared up to tackle the pandemic? 

Imagine you opt for a University only to realize that it does not have a COVID-19 readiness plan and now you have to go through all the Universities again which is the last thing you need right now, isn't it?

In order to avoid this double-work, it is very important to make sure at the beginning itself that whichever University you are going to, is taking all possible safety measures and following all the rules laid out by the respective country's government.

So, here are some things you should consider on priority before opting for an International University in this pandemic.

Your University must have a COVID-19 readiness plan approved by their province or territory that will:

  1. Protect your health and safety along with the surrounding community.

  2. Describe how they will manage your mandatory 14-day quarantine period after your arrival in their country.

  3. Include arrangements for transportation to your quarantine location.

  4. Provide information and support about how you can get the items you need for your quarantine, like food, medications, and health insurance.

You can always contact your University directly to get further clarity if, you have any questions about its COVID-19 readiness plan.