Looking for safe student accommodation abroad? Read this First

Looking for safe student accommodation abroad? Read this for everything you need to know

Being abroad is a wholesome experience, you get to see new cultures, meet new people and make connections that last for your lifetime. We understand that it is difficult to take a step after the pandemic struck, with the constant need to be in a safe place, a place to call "home".

Here is everything you need to know for your smooth transition from home to your "new home".

Accommodation options for students in the United States:

  1. On-Campus options that are close to the cafeterias. U.S. colleges and universities with their different individual policies offer very flexible meal-plan programs, where you can choose to pay in advance for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, weekly as well as monthly.

  2. Off-campus options as various U.S. colleges do not offer on-campus accommodations for students that are studying abroad. However, off-campus housing is easy to find. There are various offices you can get in touch with to find a compatible roommate to share expenses.

  3. Homestays to understand the city well by staying in an American family near the university

Accommodation options for students in the UK:

  1. Halls of residence which are owned, managed and maintained by universities usually guaranteed for first-year students.

  2. Private Dorms or Halls of residence with more modern facilities.

  3. Sharing apartments or Rooms in private houses near your university.

Accommodation options for students in Canada:

  1. On-campus accommodation by universities which are generally furnished, cheaper, and closer and offer an overview of their spaces through photos, virtual tours, and testimonials on their website.

  2. Off-Campus accommodation availability and cost of which will vary depending on their locations.

  3. Subletting or Homestays.

Choose wisely as it not just accommodation but also your new home!