Checklist for Traveling to The UK during The Pandemic

Your checklist for traveling to the UK during the pandemic

Traveling today may not be completely risk-free for students, especially when there are so many small yet highly important things to follow and carry! These things act like barriers between you and the virus, however, remembering everything at once can be tougher than you think while you are traveling!

So, here we are with a checklist for you to tick away from your confusions and enjoy a safe and smooth journey while traveling to the UK in this pandemic:

Before you leave for the UK:

  1. You must have your valid passport with you to enter the UK and it should be valid for your entire stay.

  2. You may need a visa, depending on which country you are arriving from.

  3. Provide your contact and journey details within 48 hours of your arrival in the UK by completing the online passenger locator form, as you will need to show this proof when you arrive. This is important amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

  4. You can check the COVID-19 restrictions in the local area and the area near your university in the UK here: Postcode checker: find out the tier for your area.

  5. Make a proper copy of your student visa and/or your student Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and make sure you keep them separate from your travel documents.

  6. Carry a BRP collection letter as well and send it in writing to the high commission if you haven't got it.

  7. Don't forget to pack your document of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and your LORs, passport copies, and a copy of your admission letter.

  8. Bring your CV, certificates, mark sheets, and a bunch of passport size photos with you to avoid any hassle after your landing.

  9. Carry your Bank loan letter if it is applicable along with all your fee receipts and application fee receipts.

  10. You can also bring along your driving license and use it for up to a year after transferring your Indian license to the UK.

  11. If you are traveling with children you may be asked at the border to prove your relationship with them, so it is better that you carry a birth or adoption certificate or some other proof like a permission letter from the parent of the child if you are not the parent.

Before you arrive in the UK:

  1. Keep the proof of a completed passenger locator form ready to show after your arrival.

  2. Download the NHS COVID-19 app.

  3. Plan your self-isolation in the place that you’re staying for the first 14 days after you arrive.

Things to follow after your arrival:

  1. You must act in accordance with border and immigration requirements.

  2. Show the proof of a completed passenger locator form at the UK border.

  3. Leave the airport as quickly as possible.

  4. Non-passengers should enter the airport only when needed.

  5. Completing self-isolation and following social distancing rules throughout your stay.

  6. You can also check Ending self-isolation early through Test to Release if you wish to get released early.

Essentials for every journey amid the pandemic:

  1. A face covering i.e., a Mask, preferably more than one for longer journeys so that you can change them every 6 hours, you can also wear a face shield for further protection.

  2. A proper spelled out plan for the journey.

  3. Tickets, contactless payment card or pass to maintain social distancing at all levels.

  4. Phone for travel updates, tickets, contactless payments.

  5. Hand sanitizer, sprays.

  6. Necessary medicines.

  7. Tissues.