Best Things to do in Lonavala to make your trip

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Looking for things to do in Lonavala? Discover top attractions, adventure activities, and delicious local cuisine in this picturesque hill station. Plan your perfect getaway now!

20 Best Things to do in Lonavala to make your trip Memorable


Lonavala. With its rolling hills, misty valleys, and the scent of chikki in the air, this hill station stands as a tranquil retreat for many wanderers. But here's the catch – with so many alluring places to visit and experiences to immerse in, how does one even begin to prioritize? The vast online universe is flooded with lists and recommendations. One website suggests the echoing depths of Bhaja Caves, while another raves about the view from Tiger’s Leap. Add in the personal anecdotes from travelers, the Instagram hotspots, and the hidden gems whispered about by locals, and you’re left with an overwhelming jumble of must-dos and seen-that’s. You might wonder, “Is there a definitive list that captures the essence of Lonavala?”


That's exactly where the challenge arises. The quest for the '20 Best Things to do in Lonavala' isn’t as straightforward as a Google search might lead you to believe. But fret not! If you've been on the brink of giving up or settling for a less-than-magical itinerary, you've landed on the right page. Dive into this blog, and let's demystify Lonavala's treasures together, ensuring your trip is not only memorable but truly embodies the spirit of this enchanting locale.


Things to do in Lonavala to make a memorable Trip


1. Kamshet Paragliding


Experience the adrenaline rushing through you when you take off up in the sky. Kamshet Paragliding is known as the paragliding paradise in Maharashtra. Nestled in the heart of western ghat, just a 2.5-hour drive from Mumbai, you can indulge in various adventure activities at Kamshet. You must book yourself a paragliding slot to chase the blue skies, enjoy the cold breeze, and fly over the beautiful Pawna Lake. You will be assisted by an expert flight instructor and certified pilots looking after you and you can also record your experience in a video.


You can book a slot according to the availability of the slot and the weather conditions. You can choose from various packages like Classic tandem paragliding, Instructional tandem paragliding, and Acro tandem paragliding. There are two locations you can take off from, they are Pawna Lake which is 350 feet in summer, and a hill tower which is 800-900 feet in winter.



Starting at INR 2,999/-


Time to visit:

8:00 AM to 2:00 PM in winter (October to February), 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM in summer (March to May).


2. Day out at Imagica


Enjoy your day out with friends and family at Imagica. The water and amusement park are full of fun adventure rides and water activities. Adlabs Imagica is one of the country’s major theme parks, with a wide range of exciting and thrilling activities and rides. The park in Khopoli spans 130 acres and offers world-class amenities. They promise to provide tourists with a variety of experiences ranging from unique attractions to indoor-outdoor rides, restaurants and dining outlets, shopping, and lounges. There are 40 different experiences available here. These exhilarating attractions make Imagica an excellent alternative for people wishing to experience a variety of activities in one location. Prepare to have the time of your life with your family and friends.



Starting at INR 2,000/-


Time to Visit:

10:30 AM – 8:00 pm PM (Rides open up to one hour after the park opens and may close up to one hour before the park closes)



Hot Air Balloon Safari


Lonavala is tucked between the majestic Sahyadri mountains and mist western ghats. With this hot air balloon safari in Lonavala, you may take off and soar high in the sky to enjoy the blissful nature of Lonavala. The hot air ballooning safari will dazzle your eyes! Look at the Sahyadri range, traverse the foggy clouds, and make your experience a memorable one. This unique one-hour activity transports you away from the city’s bustle and allows you to float in the air while admiring the breathtaking vistas. You can see everything, from the gorgeous birds that soar alongside you to the grand displays of nature. Embrace the beauty of the valleys with this one-of-a-kind experience that will give a new dimension to your stay!


You will be picked up from Hotel Orritel in Talegaon for this amazing trip. The exercise will last around 60 minutes (+/-15-minute briefing session), and you will be given a briefing session before the activity to ensure your safety. Refreshments will be provided before the activity. The first flight certificate will be presented to the guests following the activity. Transfers from the landing site to the activity’s common gathering point are available. Guests are welcome to stay as long as they like once the balloon has landed, where they can engage with local locals and watch the balloon deflate.



Starting at INR 6120/-


Time to visit:

1.30hr before Sunrise (approx. 6.30 am depending on the sunrise)


4. Adventure activities at Duke’s Nose


One of the thrill-seeking things to do in Lonavala is enjoying various adventure activities at Duke’s Nose. Duke’s Nose, located 7 kilometers from Lonavala, is famed for its variety of activities such as trekking, camping, zip-lining, rappelling, foot traversing, and more.


The location is also promoted as one of the best sunset spots, making it an absolute must-see for visitors. The Duke’s Nose is best visited between October and March. During this season, the weather is tranquil, allowing tourists to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.



Starting at INR 1,600/-



07.00 am to 09.00 pm


5. Rajmachi fireflies’ trek


Rajmachi Fort is already well-known for its breathtaking views and scenic trails in the Sahayadri mountains. This fort is ideal for trekking because it is surrounded by lush green mountains, stunning flora and wildlife, waterfalls, and beautiful valleys. Most people are unaware of the magnificent firefly show that occurs spontaneously there. Embark on this journey to view the spectacular display of fireflies in an amazing night trekking experience.


Embark on this journey, which is driven every Saturday from 6:30 PM (day 1) to 1:30 PM the following day. The Rajmachi Fireflies Trek begins in Jambulpada, which is only a short drive from the Lonavala Railway Station. The package includes transport to and from the Lonavala railway station. Arrive in the base village, enjoy dinner at the homestay or tents, and then rest for a while. Rest for the night and wake up to a breathtaking sunrise from the summit. Descend to the base camp and later you can explore the area surrounding Shrivardhan Fort.


Finish your adventurous and memorable trip by returning to Lonavala



Starting at INR 1,250/-



6:30 PM (Day 1) to 1:30 PM (Day 2)


6. Canon Valley Trek


The trip to Canyon Valley, one of the exciting things to do in Lonavala, provides a glimpse of nature. You will reach the valley’s picture-perfect site after a leisurely two-and-a-half-hour walk. With easy-to-hike terrain and a diverse mix of flora and fauna, this journey is ideal for a group trip. It is a must-see site as it is located approximately 80 kilometers from Mumbai and 70 kilometers from Pune.


Aside from that, the breathtaking landscapes of nature are the icing on the cake. This type of excursion adds a new layer to the holiday, making it even more memorable. So, polish your boots and prepare to hit the trails!



There is no fee but if you book it from an operator then you need to pay almost Rs. 550 per person.



08.00 am to 06.00 pm


7. Dinosaur Park


Experience a mini-Jurassic Park in the heart of Lonavala when it comes to places to visit with your family. The park is located in Aundoli which is easily accessible by bus, train, or even your private vehicle if you live in Mumbai or Pune. Dinosaurs Park contains 36 life-size animatronic dinosaur figures spread across six and a half acres. This park truly takes you to the prehistoric age of dinosaurs. Through its unique method of documenting, the Dinosaur Park Lonavala successfully imparts learning experiences about the world of dinosaurs. Furthermore, there are restaurants and goods shops where you may satisfy your hunger while also taking back a memorable souvenir with you.



Starting at INR 350/-



10.00 am to 07.00 pm


8. Waterfall Rappelling


Lonavala is home to stunning waterfalls, clear lakes, and streams, and is one of Mumbai’s most visited destinations, with so much to offer to any travel enthusiast. Lonavala, located in the picturesque Western Ghats Mountain ranges, offers a blockbuster bundle of adventure in the calm lapse of nature. Clear skies and a gentle wind refresh your mind and soul.


Set off on this Waterfall rappelling and hiking adventure in Lonavala with your friends or loved ones and get a large dose of a great adventurous experience. The Waterfall Rappelling & Trekking in Lonavala starts with a pickup from the Lonavala Railway Station. Before embarking on your trip, skilled trainers will perform a briefing session to ensure that you are aware of every detail throughout the activity. As you approach the hiking location, you will be greeted by a natural trek with spectacular views and lunch at the summit. Ziplining is available at an additional cost, and all safety precautions will be taken to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience.



Starting at INR 1,400/-



Open 24 hours


9. Shopping at the Local Market


One of the many things to do in Lonavala and which is loved by everyone for SHOPPING! Lonavala is well-known for a variety of items, including its sweets such as Chikki and Fudge. There are numerous candy stores where visitors can purchase real local delicacies.


Furthermore, areas like Lonavala Bazaar sell a variety of regionally made clothes. It is also the finest spot to purchase souvenirs for family and friends.

Numerous art and sculpture shops in the area

should not be missed.



No entry fees



Open 24 hours


10. Visit


Celebrity Wax Museum


Sunil Kandaloor, a renowned wax artist from Kerala, founded the Celebrity Wax Museum, which houses tens of wax replicas of real-life celebrities. The largest wax museum in India is well-known for its bizarre wax sculptures that resemble various aspects of celebrities’ lives.


Anil Kapoor, Michael Jackson, A.R Rehman, Amitabh Bacchan, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and the most recent addition, Narendra Modi, are just a handful of the renowned wax statues on display. The wax museum, one of the top things to do in Lonavala, is a wonderful spot to take candid photos with celebrities and enjoy the art.



09.00 am to 10.00 pm



Rs.100 for Adults, Rs. 70 for kids under 5 years


11. Stay in a Lavish Villa


Staying at a Lavish villa is one of the best things to do in Lonavala. Villas in Lonavala add to the beauty of the town. These villas are well-known for their luxurious accommodations, exceptional service, and overall wonderful experience.


The villas here are meant to accommodate everybody from a child to a group of friends, with everything from swimming pools to enormous football courts and leisure facilities. The Amara Villa is one such villa. The villa is a luxurious 6BHK property located on Khadakwasla – Lavasa route.



: As per the villa



Open 24 hours



Visit different Waterfalls in Lonavala


Visiting the Lonavala waterfalls is one of the must-have things to do in Lonavala for quick relaxation and watching multiple streams of cool water flow over massive rocks, creating a melody that calms your heart. Lonavala and its neighboring areas are gifted with an incredible array of natural wonders.


Lonavala Waterfalls welcome you to their wonderful regions, whether you are an adventure enthusiast searching for some action over the weekend or someone looking for somewhere tranquil and lovely for a family picnic. The Bhivpuri and Dabhosa waterfalls in Lonavala provide a variety of thrilling experiences such as rappelling, trekking, and rock climbing. However, if sitting by a waterfall and admiring nature’s splendor is your idea of fun, Reverse Waterfalls and Zenith Waterfall in Lonavala are highly gorgeous choices.


Zenith Waterfall, Jummapatti Waterfalls, Kune Waterfalls, Dabhosa Waterfall, Pandavkada Falls, Bhagirath Falls, Reverse Falls, Bhivpuri Waterfall, and Kataldhar Falls are some of the other options you can explore.



No fees are applicable



Waterfalls are open all year round. You can plan your visit according to the weather.




I hope you understand now why Lonavala remains a top destination for many travelers. From adrenaline-pumping adventures like paragliding and waterfall rappelling to serene experiences like sunrise treks and waterfall visits, Lonavala offers a myriad of unforgettable experiences. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a nature enthusiast, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, this hill station has something for everyone. If you have any doubts or want to learn more about it, feel free to get in touch, we would be happy to help you plan your perfect getaway.