26 Apr 2024

10 May 2024

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12 people




3 days


Goa, India

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day 126 Apr 2024

  1. We meet at an exquisite cafe to introduce the team that has been working behind the scenes to make this trip happen, including your Community Manager and Trip Leader.

  2. Head back to the villa to freshen up and prepare what lies ahead – Icebreaker session over drinks.

  3. Quick crash course on mixology by experts to guide you through the world of spirits and make your own punch.

  4. As the sun sets, we head to the Vagator for pub crawl, dinner and some signature drinks at the venue.

day 227 Apr 2024

  1. Start the day with an appetizing breakfast at the villa and prepare for an “Under the radar” destination

  2. Head to Goa’s most renowned distilleries for a unique tour on all the diverse approaches to alcohol creation.

  3. Make your way to EBS Goa, where the highlight of the trip, mixology training with Glenn Dias, awaits you.

  4. After EBS, we head to the infamous sands of Goan beach and watch the sunset.

  5. An evening full of thrills is waiting for you at an exclusive Goan Club, whose identity will be a secret until your arrival!

day 328 Apr 2024

  1. Wake up to a day set aside for relaxation and recharging to shake off the fatigue from all the fun-filled days you've had recently.

  2. Start your day with a breakfast served poolside, against a serene backdrop as you bond with newfound friends.

  3. Engage in a cocktail war with your tribe to see who can create the best cocktail.

  4. It’s time to bid adieu to your new tribe as the trip ends.

Behind the Bar – Mixology

Mixology is about making great cocktails. It's not just how the drinks are mixed but a fusion of creativity and expertise. It's about getting the flavors just right, using ingredients in cool ways to make each drink look and taste amazing. Our trip is more than just a holiday, it's a reason to dive into the world of cocktails and witness your passion come to life. It's a blend of friendship, pursuit, mixology and of course, the aesthetic Goan sunset.

european bartending school

Glenn's passion for bartending, ignited in college, has evolved over 12 years into expert mixology. At EBS, he merges his extensive experience with a charismatic style, infusing each lesson with unique creativity. Join EBS's team of passionate professionals for a dynamic cocktail-making journey, where you'll personalize spirits, master classics, and take on the challenge to create your signature drink.

meet your Trip Instructor

Glenn Dias

buddymoon Goa was an absolute blast. From connecting with fellow individuals into mixology to refining my passion and bar hopping across Goa was an experience that is priceless to me.

~ Glenn Dias


On your trip, you'll find a handpicked selection of exquisite and unique villas, each chosen for its premium quality and boutique charm, ensuring your stay is nothing short of exceptional.
The specific villa chosen for your adventure will be a delightful surprise, unveiled to you 10 days prior to your departure. To give you a glimpse of what awaits, here's a peek at some of the magnificent villas that have hosted our guests in the past.

The Saga Stays


Saga De Giza, picked as the ideal location, enormous swimming pool - equipped with spacious 7-bedroom accommodation for the entire tribe. A villa with all the right amenities offering convenient proximity to nearby shopping, dining, and nightlife venues.

Team Buddymoon

When you think of Goa, and you're instantly transported to a world of sun-kissed beaches, swaying palms, and trance music. But for us, it's also where an art like mixology finds its ultimate playground. The most difficult part was making the experience perfectly balanced, more than just learning about cocktails, it's about building bonds over shared passions and creating memories in exotic settings. We’re talking sunset mixology sessions, beachside tasting adventures, and nights that turn into mornings as we share our creations with the vibrant Goan nightlife and that's where we thrive in.

meet your Trip Curator

Sharath Mohanan

So, grab your shaker and join us in Goa. Here's to a Buddymoon that will leave you stirred, not shaken!

~ Sharath Mohanan

what's included

Stay in a boutique villa

Clubs,Pubs & Alcohol

All meals

EBS Course


not included


Airport Transfers

why is this trip for you?

this buddymoon is your perfect match if ...

Crave Unique Travel Experiences?

This isn't your typical vacation. It's an immersive experience that blends the thrill of discovery with the satisfaction of mastering a new skill. It's about stepping into a story where every element, from the scenic Goa backdrop to the clink of ice in your glass, is part of an unforgettable narrative.

You crave connections that go beyond the surface?

Here, bonds are forged not just over shared interests, but through the shared experiences of crafting and savoring together. It's about being part of a community that appreciates the art of mixology as much as you do.

You are in search of inspiration and rejuvenation?

Buddymoon strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and engagement. It's a chance to unwind and recharge, with a healthy dose of learning, laughter, and friendship.

You are ready for unforgettable memories?

This journey promises stories worth telling – about the cocktail you perfected, the sunset that took your breath away, and the laughter shared under the Goan stars.

buddy speaks

It was a great curation process, the vibe checked all the boxes and it was a lovely group of people to have this experience with.

Megha Singh, 26

"Goa: Where the sun, sea, and serenitycome together."



Buddymoon represents a bold endeavor by travelxp, a pioneer in the realm of travel and its myriad facets. At travelxp, we understand the deeply personal nature of travel and the intense passion it ignites in people. This insight led us to an innovative concept: why not merge these passions with unique travel experiences?

The result has been a resounding success. Joining a trip curated by travelxp isn't just a journey; it's an assurance of an experience that's nothing short of phenomenal. With us, expect the extraordinary.

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