Harbhagwan Trek
Harbhagwan Trek
Harbhagwan Trek
Harbhagwan Trek
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Trekking experience in Jammu and Kashmir, taking you on the tranquil Harbhagwan Trek in Pahalgam, which offers distinct flora and fauna, mystical environs, and snow-capped peaks. The region's beauty is well-known, and it draws a large number of visitors each year who come to see this paradise. There are few places on the planet that provide such natural freshness and beauty.

  • Full Day
    Trekking from Pahalgam to Gagdi Pathri

    After breakfast, we set out on our trek from Pahalgam to Gagdi Pathri. You can see villages, paddy crops, apple trees, walnut trees, and a pine forest from plans to narrow mountain routes across the terrain you follow. Beautiful wildflowers and various bird species can be seen along the way. We'll have to walk for 5-6 hours to get to Gagdi Pathri. This location is nestled between two mountains and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and free-flowing streams. Keep on marching upward and get lost in enjoying Kashmir's natural beauty and walking among crystal clear lakes and dense forests. You can enjoy the colorful scenery and take beautiful photographs. This is an ideal location for adventure seekers and soul seekers because the route is very difficult and requires people with good physical health and stamina to walk through the difficult terrains. Witness the beauty of bloomed flowers spread across the valley and the sun-drenched meadows. The region's beauty is well-known, a

  • Full Day
    Upwards to Aram Pathri and Danawath

    Wake up under the crystal blue sky and amidst the raw beauty of nature, energise yourself, channel all the adrenaline you need for the day and start trekking upwards to Aram Pathri. We'll need two hours to get to Aram Pathri, which is a flat meadow. We'll take a break to enjoy the scenery. A fresh water stream runs alongside, and you can enjoy the footbridges on these river streams. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get a chance to explore all of Kashmir's untouched and unexplored nooks and crannies. Indulge in some delicious meals for your lunch and set out for another exciting location called Danawath, located at a very high altitude which is calling your name cause you love a good adventure! We'll come across a small spring with clear, transparent water. It's a pasture with a variety of vegetation and flowers. It will take us about 5 hours to get here. After surrounding yourself in halo of lush greens, mountains covered in snow, rocky terrains and that adrenaline

  • Full Day
    Reaching Harbagwan Lake

    After breakfast, we set out for Nafran and Harbagwan Lake. We travel for about 8 hours to reach Narfan and Harbagwan Lake. Feel the cold brush against your body, let your eyes feast on the blooming flora and fauna. Nafran is a grazing land used by shepherds and nomadic bakrawalas who a tribe that travels between Jammu and Kashmir in search of grass for sheep, goats, and horses. Explore their culture, learn about the local community, feel at home. The lake is enormous as you arrive and you will be transported in a different world just like you dreamt of. And as you approach the lake, if you enjoy nature, this is your paradise and haven. Feel like you're at the top of the world and let your soul run free. Finally, after a tiring trekking day, set up your tents, have the tasty dinner and fall asleep as the stars watch from above.

  • Full Day
    Bajipathri to Aram Pathri

    Begin your trek early in the morning, eat a nutritious breakfast, and proceed to Bajipathri, another mesmerizing and majestic trek across the Kashmir Valley Your eyes will be the canvas to the entire Kashmir region which is one of the best creations of nature and God together. As you reach the location and feel the adrenaline come to a stop, see how shepherds make cheese from sheep's milk. For the photographers and animal lovers, you can get lost in freezing the moments to remember this trek by and see the sheep which are quite unique due to the weather. As evening cascades, trek down to Aram Pathri after your some warm coffee/ tea to return to your camps. Fall asleep in the warm and cozy tent at Aram Pathri with the sky adorned in stars, in hues of blue and dream away to start afresh the next day

  • Transfer
     Back to Pahalgam

    We have breakfast and start for our journey back to Pahalgam and take a different route to let the memories linger a little bit longer. You will see a number of different hamlets with the white cotton clouds upon you, a crystal blue sky and the white ice-covered mountain peaks standing in all its glory bidding you farewell. As you reach Pahalgam, from there you sort yourselves in your trains/cars and flights to return home from paradise on earth.

Lodging and boarding while trekking from Pahalgam to Pahalgam.
A pony to transport your luggage.
Food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner (veg/non-veg).
Aside from the break lunch and dinner, there is no limit to the amount of food available during the trek.
Food will be prepared according to your preferences, whether local Kashmiri, Indian, or international cuisine.
Toilet tent facilities, including toilet tissue.
There will be a bonfire throughout the trek.
Car service from Pahalgam to Aru and back.
Trek guide
Return airport transfers from Srinagar to trek base village
Anything not specifically mentioned in the inclusions
Gratuities and tips for guides and drivers
25% Non refundable deposit required at the time of booking.