Kolahoi Base Camp Trek
Kolahoi Base Camp Trek
Kolahoi Base Camp Trek
Kolahoi Base Camp Trek
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Even though trekking in Kashmir is not a new experience, this expedition is not for the faint of heart. Arduous days, steep and rocky passes, and altitudes approaching 4300m all combine to make this a difficult trek in one of Kashmir's most beautiful and serene Himalayas. The Kolahoi Glacier Trek connects Sind Valley and Lidder Valley via the Basmai Pass (4200m). The trek takes you through high alpine lakes at the foothills of Mount Kolahoi (5425m), the highest mountain peak in the Kashmir Val

  • Full Day
    Aru Valley to Lidderwat

    We leave Pahalgam in the morning by car and travel to Aru in half an hour. Then we walk from Aru to the wonderland of Lidderwat. Aru Valley, an excellent choice for both leisure and adventure seekers, adds to the glory of Jammu and Kashmir tourism by serving as the starting point for trekking to Kolahoi Glacier. We can also travel by horseback. When compared to other Himalayan regions, it is quite an experience. Majestic pine trees, wildflower-filled meadows, rushing cream blue rivers, and snow-capped peaks nearly overwhelm the senses. The trail begins with a steep ascent before branching off into the woods and following the Lidder River's course high up on the canyon's rim. Before long, the trees give way to sweeping meadows and panoramic views of the valley's peaks. The drive up to the village is also appealing. The village's setting among the grasslands makes it a tourist attraction. Aside from trekkers, the village also caters to skiers who enjoy being in the snow. When

  • Full Day
    Trekking Lidderwat to Tarsar Lake (9131 feet to 12,591 feet)

    Wake up to the sun rays, mountains with melted ice caps and the crystal-clear sky above you. Have breakfast, drink your coffee and tea, gather all the energy you need because today we will trek to Tarsar Lake, one of the other gems of this trip! Walking through beautiful and green hovering pine trees, little thatched roofed hamlets inhabited by locals, perfect stillness of azure waters, and camping by glacial lakes brings out the best in you. The trek takes you through Kashmir's famous meadows, high-altitude pastures, and forests. We would feel on top of the world when we arrived at the lake. There would be no trees here. The lake is almost completely surrounded by snow-covered mountains on all sides. It is a large lake, and one must be prepared to take in its beauty. It is deep and filled with clear water. The campsites on this trek are right next to the beautiful lakes, with the stars shining down on them. Allow your mind and soul to merge as you trek deeper into Tarsar Marsar'

  • Full Day
    Upwards to Kolahoi Glacier (9131 feet to 11,170 feet)

    Have a good breakfast and plenty of energy because we'll be taking a gradual descent today. The trail is not very rocky or bumpy but it is quite thrilling to follow the path of breathtaking River Lidder along the green carpet meadows. The source of the Jehlum River, which flows through the heart of Kashmir. Kolahoi Glacier takes us three hours to reach. It is impressive, and the two-hour trek to explore the Kolahoi Glacier is worthwhile. The trek is a long quiet walk-through Kashmir meadows, with spectacular views of the Kolahoi peak, beautiful calm and mystical lakes, and a pass crossing, making it an exciting must-do trek in Kashmir. The 5km-long hanging glacier is located just below Kolahoi Mountain and above Lidder Valley. The route is dotted with beautiful waterfalls, small and wide streams, and tranquil lakes. The tranquility and beauty of Dudhsar Lake captivate. You can see how it flows from the north-west of a 35-kilometer-long neve field. The field at one end of this n

  • Morning
    Returning to Pahalgam (9131 feet to 7958 feet)

    Have a tasty breakfast on the house and pack your bags for your journey back to Pahalgam which offer some amazing and picturesque views of the Kashmir Valley along its terrain. On the way, you'd pass by shepherds every now and then. There are gentle ascents that are barely noticeable. The return route you'll take today is lined with white streams and alpine trees. Coniferous forests surround you at times, and at other times, you stare at the various shades of green around you. Walk at your leisure, taking in as much beauty as you can. As this is the final day of the trek, walk at your own pace. You'll travel through lush grasslands in open valleys and streams gushing through mountain rocks. To get to the picturesque Aru, follow the Lidder river. You can either stay in Aru for another day to enjoy the scenery or continue on to Pahalgam and this ends your trip with some beautiful memories to cherish.

Accommodation while trekking from Pahalgam to Pahalgam.
A pony to transport your luggage.
Food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner (veg/non-veg).
Aside from the break lunch and dinner, there is no limit to the amount of food available during the trek.
Food will be prepared according to your preferences, whether local Kashmiri, Indian, or international cuisine.
Toilet tent facilities, including toilet tissue.
There will be a bonfire throughout the trek.
Car service from Pahalgam to Aru and back.
Expert Mountain Guide
Return airport transfers from Srinagar International Airport to Base Village
Anything not specifically stated in the inclusions
Tips and gratuities to the driver and guide Beverages
25% Non refundable deposit required at the time of booking package