Pahalgam & Sonamarg Trek
Pahalgam & Sonmarg Trek
Pahalgam & Sonmarg Trek
Pahalgam & Sonmarg Trek
Places Covering : Pahalgam & Sonmarg Trek

Pahalgam is located approximately 100 kilometers east of Srinagar in the Lidder Valley, with much of the town located on the east bank of the Lidder and on the lower slopes of the nearby hills. Sonamarg, 84 kilometers from Srinagar, is located along the Sindh River. For a variety of reasons, the Pahalgam Sonamarg trek is one of the most beautiful and well-known treks in Kashmir. There are a number of features in this trek that are regarded as outstanding, attracting a large number of enthusias

  • Full Day
    Arru to Lidderwat

    First day of the trek takes you across the terrains of Arru and Lidderwat amidst lush greens, snow clad mountains and the cotton candy clouds. Drive from Srinagar to Aru Valley and begin your ascent. The upper reaches of the Aru valley are breathtakingly beautiful. A small stream flows through this valley from Katrenag Lake. It is an idle location for evening bonfires and overnight camps. From Aru to Lidderwat, the climb is gentle but long. You will travel 10 kilometers in 6 hours and gain 342 meters in altitude. Half an hour before Lidderwat, look for two clear streams and a wooden bridge. You will pass through Nandkei, a cluster of Gujjar settlements on the other side of the Lidder river. You can explore the meadows and clear streams that run through Lidderwat once you arrive. It's a truly delightful experience. Lidderwat, where flora and fauna alternate in their ability to enchant you. It is the confluence of two rivers that flow from Tarsar Marsar and the Kolahoi glac

  • Full Day
    Lidderwat to Shekwas

    Wake up amidst the mountains and have a fresh cup of tea/coffee along with your breakfast to start your trek to Shekwas at an altitude of 480m within a timespan of 5hrs. It is a rare sight to see, nestled in the intersection of three green valleys, along the ridge of your climbs, the land of Shekwas. Let your eyes be the frame to the weeping mountains, vast grasslands in the valleys, and an undulating landscape created only by a divine source. Feel the adrenaline as you gain altitude and let your soul get lost in the raw beauty of the valley. Shekwas is a logical and extremely beautiful camping spot for those on the Tarsar trail. It's a welcome reprieve after the arduous climb. To top it all off, each of these valleys have a river running through it, with the sun setting over its gleaming surface. The trail climbs quickly past a few Gujjar huts to the Shekhwas camping grounds for the night. Set up camp here and enjoy the warmth of the bonfire and fall asleep with the sky casc

  • Full Day
    Trekking to Tarsar Lake

    To begin your trek, wake up in the mountains and have a fresh cup of tea/coffee with your breakfast. The Tarsar trail begins to climb directly behind the PDA huts, following the course of the river that runs alongside. It climbs quickly from the river below into the pine forest above you. The trail is simple and does not present any difficulties. The trail climbs quickly in a general westerly direction towards a conical hill ahead. The trail ascends a few false ridges, each of which leads to a different wondrous scene. After two hours, the trail finally provides a brief glimpse of Tarsar. Even a fleeting glimpse is a delight, and it is a rush to reach the lake's shores. After two hours, the trail finally provides a brief glimpse of Tarsar. Even a fleeting glimpse is a delight, and it is a rush to reach the lake's shores. Keep an eye on Tarsar's long stretch of blue waters as the morning sun catches it at its best. Cross the stream over the boulders and step into Tarsar's g

  • Full Day
    Onwards to Sundersar with optional visit to Marsar

    Get ready, put on your camping shoes and start your trek to Sundersar for your next journey. The grassy valley stretches out from your left to right and is nothing but sheer beauty that can only be in your wildest dreams. The view from the other side of the Tarsar pass will leave your mind blown. The mere anticipation of you walking on the valley floor is enough to set the heart racing. Descend from the pass on the shepherds' trail, which leads to the valley floor. Rejoin the trail that runs along the stream on the valley's grassy bed. Continue on the trail by moving up the valley to your left. After ten minutes, you'll notice a few Bakkarval shelters on your left. The trail climbs over a short stretch of boulders behind the shelter to reach a knoll. Sundarsar Lake is smaller than Tarsar Lake. The setting of the lake, on the other hand, is equally lovely. Long grassy stretches surround the lake, with little yellow, blue, and white flowers sprouting. This natural wonder ta

  • Full Day
    Descend to Sonamasti

    Have your breakfast and start getting ready for your journey towards Sonamasti. You will need to skirt around the lake's shores on the right from Sundarsar. To get to Sonamasti, climb over the boulders and follow the path to the pass. The approach can be difficult if there is snow on the boulders. The trail begins with a climb to Marsar, which is at an elevation of 13,170 feet. Explore the surrounding meadows before descending to 11,000 feet. The trek lasts approximately 6 hours and covers a distance of approximately 8 kilometers. The Sonamasti valley has a 2,000-foot drop over a series of grassy ledges. Each of these ledges has a small stream that runs down from the melting snow and falls to the ledge below, forming a clear pond before cascading off the cliff as a waterfall. Again, the Sonamasti valley floor is a breathtaking work of nature's art, complete with small streams, brooks, and green pastures. Set up the camp, take a breather, relax your mind and body under the

  • Full Day
    Back to Sonamarg

    You return to the valley by retracing your steps. Trekkers are extremely fortunate to be able to see these grasslands from two different perspectives. The trail is a quick descent that goes downhill. From Sonamasti to Sumbal, descend 4500 feet and 11 kilometers. Sumbal can be reached in about 5 hours if you get an early start. As you near the end of your trek, you will see the pine forests of Lidderwat in a completely different light than you did on day one. The distance from Aru to Srinagar is 90 kilometers, and we will drive you directly to the airport, carrying a box of stories and photos for the gram!

Accommodation while trekking from Pahalgam to Pahalgam.
A pony to transport your luggage.
Food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner (veg/non-veg).
Aside from the break lunch and dinner, there is no limit to the amount of food available during the trek.
Food will be prepared according to your preferences, whether local Kashmiri, Indian, or international cuisine.
Toilet tent facilities, including toilet tissue.
There will be a bonfire throughout the trek.
Travel by car from Pahalgam to Aru and back to Srinagar.
Trekking Guide and expertise
Return airport transfers from Srinagar airport to the base village
5% GST
Driver and guide tips and gratuities
Beverages and any food which is not mentioned in the inclusions
Anything not specifically mentioned in the inclusions
25% Non refundable deposit required at the time of booking