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12 Best Things Amsterdam is Famous For

Jul 8, 2022
Amsterdam is famous for

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is close to the North Sea coastline extending towards Belgium and Germany. Amsterdam is famous for a plethora of hotels, pubs, and events that welcome LGBT travelers, this upbeat location is renowned for being quite liberal. There’s no denying that a large portion of visitors come for the city’s iconic red-light district and cannabis culture, but there are also many other interesting things to explore.

Amsterdam was gifted with many beauties, and you must explore its magnificent scenery. Amsterdam is full of cobblestone streets and undiscovered treasures that are a pleasure to the mind and eyes. Skyscrapers that touch the sky, old buildings, and ethereal waterways all have their charm.

Numerous tourist attractions, including museums, parks, stunning buildings, and theaters, are scattered across the city. Additionally, you may find some of the most stunning tulip gardens here, which have lovely scents that can awaken your senses. The grandeur and architectural splendor of the cathedrals and palaces further astound the visitors.

Here are the top 12 things Amsterdam is famous for and you must try on your next vacation!

1 – Canal and Canal Cruise

 Canal and Canal Cruise - Amsterdam is famous is for

Amsterdam’s canal system is well known worldwide. There are more than 165 canals in this city that are more than 400 years old and are maintained by international laws. This helps in maintaining their historical and cultural significance. In fact, because of the distinctive cityscape, these canals draw millions of tourists each year. Many tourists are amazed by the artistic design the canals give the city.

In addition to this, the canals in Amsterdam are important for transportation. Spending some time in the water is highly advised because there are several ways to explore the canals. Depending on one’s preferences and budget, there are several different types of cruises available. You can choose to take a short trip or get on a basic boat and sail around the city while enjoying the breeze. The town has more than 15,000 houseboats and pleasure boats available for your choice.

2 – The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum is arguably the most visited location in the whole of the Netherlands. Van Gogh, a well-known painter of the 19th century, was honored by having a museum created and devoted to him. He was able to create numerous pieces of art, including 860 paintings and 1200 drawings, but he was only able to sell one of his paintings. In addition to his works, the museum also houses an impressive collection of beautiful works of art by other well-known painters from the 19th century, like Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, and others.

3 – Rijksmuseum

 Rijksmuseum  - Amsterdam is famous for

Amsterdam is famous for being home to the most significant museum in the Netherlands. It would not be fair to go to Amsterdam and not visit the Rijksmuseum. It is situated near the Van Gogh Museum in the city’s Museum Square. The museum is devoted to displaying the creations of renowned Dutch artists. The majority of these Dutch masters flourished in the 17th century, a time of artistic and social growth in the country.

While the Rijksmuseum’s permanent collection is being renovated, almost 400 significant paintings are on display in The Masterpieces Collection. The museum has works by Dutch artists such Jan Steen, Vermeer, and Rembrandt.


4 –Anne Frank’s House

Anne Frank’s House

The Anne Frank house is one of the attractions that attract visitors to Amsterdam. Almost everyone in the world is familiar with Anne Frank’s story, a young Jewish woman who attempted to flee the Nazis during World War 2. She and other family members and friends went into hiding and spent two years living in a hidden annex inside the house, according to her diary. Sadly, she did not survive the battle, but her diary was kept and has since become a priceless historical document that describes the difficulties faced during World War 2.

To experience what it was like to live in hiding, visit Anne Frank’s house today, which serves as a museum. So, don’t be shocked if you cry a little.

5 – Dutch Tulips

Dutch Tulips - Amsterdam is famous for

The city is famous for its beautiful flower environment, Netherlands is especially known for its tulips. Numerous tourists are drawn to Amsterdam by the rising temperatures and vibrant blooms, which include millions of tulips that bloom throughout the city each year. You can go to, take part in, and enjoy the tulip festivals hosted in Amsterdam throughout the Dutch tulip season. Although tulips only blossom in the spring, Amsterdam offers a year-round experience of vibrant flowers.

Even though spring may not have arrived, you can still experience the Dutch tulips at several flower museums.

6 – Dam Square

Dam Square - Amsterdam is famous for

From Central Station, it takes just five minutes to make your way down the Damrak to this crowded area, which is constantly bustling with both locals and visitors. There is constant activity in the square, no matter the weather.

To stop the Zuiderzee sea from flooding the city, a dam was constructed around the Amstel River in the thirteenth century. The Dam Square hippies made the area famous in the 1960s. It is currently a popular tourist destination, so there will be plenty of entertainment. pigeons, too. There might be a carnival in the spring, or you can ride the vibrant Ferris wheel. During the summer, mimes and other street artists perform in front of curious passersby.

7 – Red-Light District

Red Light District

People from all over the world travel to the city to experience and learn more about its common red-light district, which is a distinctive attraction. The red-light district is populated with interesting people, mainly prostitutes, and is surrounded by dazzling lights. The bar scene in the neighborhood is also well-known.

Wander around the fascinating streets and explore the dazzling nightlife of Amsterdam. Take back souvenir of striking memories with you.

8 – Royal Palace of Amsterdam

   Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is located on the western side of Dam Square and is one of the three palaces in the nation. In addition to housing the royals, this flamboyant civic building was first constructed in the 17th century as a city hall.

Amsterdam was one of the most significant cities in Europe during the golden period. The design of the Royal Palace represented the global reach of Amsterdam in the 17th century.

9 – Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops - Amsterdam is famous for

One of Amsterdam’s most well-known features is its abundance of coffee shops. Coffee Shops, however, Amsterdam’s coffee shops, are unlike any other; they are well-known all over the world for offering more than simply excellent cups of coffee.

These aren’t your typical coffee shops, though. Selling and using marijuana are common business practices in these coffee shops. Nearly 200 coffee shops can be found in the city, and they are very helpful to Amsterdam’s tourism economy. The coffee shops make an annual average sale of 100 tons of marijuana attracting an average of 1.5 million tourists.

10 – Bike Ride

Bike rides - Amsterdam is famous for

Not only Amsterdam but the entire nation is famous as the “Bicycle Capital of the World,” because of its worldwide famous Bike Riding culture. There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. The majority of the residents here use bicycles to go from point A to point B, so they won’t enjoy it if you slow them down when they’re commuting to work or running errands. Therefore, if you decide to cycle throughout the city, be aware of the traffic laws and ride at a moderate speed. One of the most effective ways to see the city’s wonderful sites is by bicycle.

Cycling is the best way to move around and explore the city. In Amsterdam, biking is a must-do activity because it can be extremely adventurous. You can easily rent a bike in Amsterdam and take part in one of the most well-known cycling cultures in the world.

11 – 17th Century Architecture

17th Century Architecture - Amsterdam is famous for

Another notable feature of the city is its almost 9000 remarkably narrow residences that tower over the canals. Although the majority of people are unaware of the cause of the narrow residences, these homes are lovely and visually pleasing.

Taxation is the primary cause of most houses’ narrow design. These villagers constructed houses with thin front ends to avoid paying large sums of taxes to the authorities. Funny enough, some people had the foresight to construct houses that were narrow up front but became broader in the back.

12 – Houseboats

Houseboats - Amsterdam is famous for

Amsterdam has a small amount of residential space despite having several canals. It is for this reason that some people opt to live on houseboats. The good news is that visitors may book a houseboat stay, which is a great opportunity to explore the city and learn about its history as a fishing community.

Along the Amstel River, you may also discover houseboats for hire in a variety of sizes, from one-bedroom models to those with optional bed and breakfasts. However, renting a houseboat is not inexpensive, but if you can afford it, you should try it out!

FAQ About Amsterdam is famous for

Q1) Are there any activities I can do in Amsterdam?

  • You can go biking. Rent a bike and pedal your way into a picturesque landscape with curvy roads and postcard views.
  • Plan a romantic dinner and explore the canal tour surrounded by beautiful houses.
  • Visit the famous Tulip Garden to see the gorgeous and vibrant colors spread all over the place.
  • Attend a concert and groove to some jazz, blues, pop, and rock concerts as artists liven up the mood with their melodies.
  • If you are wondering what to do in Amsterdam to make your vacation booze worthy, a visit to this place is a must to taste their seasonal ales and craft beer.

Q2) How can I reach Amsterdam?

By Air: One can reach Amsterdam by air through the Schiphol International Airport which is connected to various cities around the world.

By Road: One can take an international bus while traveling from any major city in Europe to reach Amsterdam via road. Tourists can also enjoy a road trip adventure by self-driving on the state-of-the-art highway network of the Netherlands.

By Rail: Amsterdam enjoys nice rail connectivity to other cities in Europe and can be easily reached via train.

Q3) What is the best time to travel to Amsterdam?

The best months to visit Amsterdam are April through May and September through November. At this time of year, the weather is ideal for tourists to engage in outdoor sports.

Q4) Which are famous canals in Amsterdam?

  • Herengracht (Gentlemen’s Canal): Since the 17th century, Amsterdam’s many influential people lived here, including the official mayor of Amsterdam.
  • Keizersgracht (Emperor’s canal): The canal is famous as it is the widest canal between Herengracht and Prinsengracht. Near this canal are West India House and a playground for kids.
  • Prinsengracht (Prince’s canal): It has the name of the Prince of Orange and is one of the longest of the principal canals. Due to the nearby tourist attractions, the well-known canal attracts a lot of tourists. The Anne Frank House and Café Papeneiland, two of the city’s oldest cafes, are close to this canal.

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