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Best places to visit in Mumbai with Friends
Feb 4, 2022

7 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai with Friends


Mumbai’s vivacity is an eclectic combination of emotions, experiences, and exhilaration. The “City that never sleeps,” the “City of Dreams” — Mumbai’s exuberance is an eclectic blend of emotions, experiences, and exhilaration. Mumbai, a wonderful city for anyone who wants to make a life, offers a plethora of options for recreation. Mumbai is filled with historical buildings, beaches, exquisite street food, art & culture, amusement parks, and much more to tempt your instincts. These Mumbai hangout spots for buddies are the way to go for you! There is an endless supply of the best places to visit in Mumbai with friends, ranging from well-known hotspots to charming undiscovered nooks. The following locations are different in nature and provide unique experiences. So, tag your friends and take a trip to the B-town! 

1. Marine Drive

Marine drive - places to visit in mumbai with friends

With a string of shimmering lights embellishing the city like a “Queen’s Necklace,” Marine Drive, which connects Nariman Point and Babulnath, is a landmark in the upper echelons of Mumbai tourist attractions. It is one of the unique places to visit in Mumbai. The boulevard is approximately 3 km long, with the Girgaum Chowpatty beach at its northern end, and is one of Mumbai’s best hangout spots for friends. Marine Drive, which connects Nariman Point and Babulnath and has a line of shimmering lights adorning the town like a “Queen’s Necklace,” is a key icon among Mumbai’s tourist attractions. The avenue is around 3 kilometres long, with the Girgaum Chowpatty beach at its northern end, and it is one of Mumbai’s best hangout spots. Remember the movie “Wake Up Sid” and a few more that were filmed here? If you’re in Mumbai, you must visit this location! 

Entry Fee: Free 

Hours Open: 24/7

2. Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand - places to visit in mumbai with friends

The amphitheatre, which is positioned high on a hill overlooking the ocean and has vestiges of a Portuguese fort erected in 1940, is known as Bandra Bandstand. The site is a boulevard where you may spend time walking or just relaxing and chatting with your friends. This is definitely one of the top ten places to visit in Mumbai! It is a famous hangout for lovers. The Bandstand is immediately known as the most prominent walkway in the upscale Mumbai neighbourhood of Bandra. Bandra Bandstand, which stretches for 1.2 kilometres, has been featured in a lot of Bollywood films, soap operas, reality programmes, YouTube videos, and even advertising. This iconic walkway, also known as Bandstand Promenade, has a lot of stardust on it. Some of the most famous movie actors have apartments or bungalows near Bandra Bandstand, which is well-known. 

Entry fee: Free 

Hours Open: 24/7 

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3. The Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden - places to visit in mumbai with friends

Another unique place to visit in Mumbai is The Hanging Garden. It is a terrace garden on the western side of the Malabar hills, distant from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hanging Garden, which dates back to 1881, is currently one of Mumbai’s most renowned tourist attractions. Citizens typically visit the area to observe sunsets behind the Arabian Sea when they want to unwind and unwind from their hectic life. This large green space contains various attractions, including a marble sundial, a flower clock in the heart of the garden, and the Pramod Navalkar Viewing Gallery, from which you can get wonderful views over South Mumbai, beaches, and the world-famous Queen’s Necklace. 

Entry Fee: Free 

Hours Open: 5:00pm to 9:00pm Everyday 

4. Film City

Film city- places to visit in mumbai with friends

Film City is home to approximately 20 indoor studios and is known as the home of Bollywood. Approximately 900 films and numerous television series have been shot here. Film City has evolved into one of the top film studios in the world, with all of the necessary conveniences and world-class facilities. It’s not only a terrific location for filming, but it’s also full of lush foliage and refreshing stretches. On the confines of the Film City, some excursions are held that focus on various areas of filmmaking and are available to anybody who wishes to participate. There are other sets depicting foreign countries. Film City is a must-see for all movie enthusiasts. It’s a realm where it’s tough to tell the difference between reality and fantasies. The greatest time to visit Film City is during the winter months, when the weather in Mumbai is comfortable enough to walk around and explore the many sets on foot. Film city will surely make it to one of the top ten places to visit in Mumbai on our list! 

Entry Fee: Rs.600-Rs.1700 (Depends on the package) 

Hours Open: 10:00am to 5:00pm 

5. Kamala Mills

Kamala Mills- places to visit in mumbai with friends

This mill, which was formerly known for producing the biggest amount of commerce in the city, is now home to some of the city’s best nightlife locations. Clearly the clear leader when it comes to the city’s hottest bars and restaurants. If you and your bestie enjoy going out, bookmarking all of the local pubs and restaurants is a terrific idea! It houses Younion, one of the most famous nightclubs in Mumbai where you and your gang can eat, drink, dance, and party hard! If you’re visiting Mumbai, Kamala Mills is definitely a place you don’t want to miss out on. 

Entry: Free 

Hours Open: 10:00am to 12:00am Everyday 

6. Carter Road, Bandstand 

Carter Road- places to visit in mumbai with friends

The promenade is an outstanding 1 km stretch along the coastline with a canopy of mangrove trees, and is a slightly more upmarket counterpart of Bandra Bandstand, which is located to its north. Carter Road in Bandra extends along the Arabian Sea coast and is a popular gathering spot for locals as well as a location to go for morning and evening walks. One of the top ten places to visit in Mumbai, It is popular with walkers and joggers, and in the evening, it provides a relaxing view of the sea. A stretch of luxury cuisine restaurants and cafes runs through it. The seaside towns on both ends are also worth seeing. It is a prominent gathering place for locals and visitors in the Bandra neighbourhood. The road is bustling with people, especially on weekends, as it is surrounded by a number of sea-facing buildings and bungalows, the most of which belong to celebrities. The beautiful and invigorating atmosphere is created by the view of the sea and the cool sea breeze. Carter road is a must to visit with your friends for a nice walk by the sea and to indulge in tasty foods!  

Entry Fee: Free 

Hours Open: 24/7

7. Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach- places to visit in mumbai with friends

Juhu Beach is one of Mumbai’s most well-known and popular beaches. It has a long shoreline, and people may be seen jogging on the beach early in the morning and late in the evening. Security is well-managed here, and Mumbai Police patrol the beach on a regular basis. The ideal time of day to visit is in the evening, when you can enjoy the sunset, gorgeous lighting, and many merchants selling food and merchandise. 

Entry Fee: Free 

Hours Open: 24/7 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) Which is the most beautiful area in Mumbai? 

Queen’s necklace, as the name suggests resembles a string of pearls like a necklace. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in Mumbai. Enjoy the drive, especially in the evening there. Plan a trip with your gang to one of the best places in Mumbai to visit with friends (Also, a very unique place in Mumbai, that will give you good vibes throughout) 

Q2) Which is the best area in Mumbai? 

Bandra Bandstand is one of the best areas in Mumbai. Its buzzing with people walking, eating, and admiring the beautiful view of the sea! It surely is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. 

Q3) Is it safe to visit Mumbai? 

Mumbai overall, is a very safe city. You can enjoy your day touring the famous spots and sit by the Marine Drive by night comfortably. Being a populous city, be aware of petty crimes such as pick-pocketing. 













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