Apr 7, 2021

 Places to Visit in Guwahati

places to visit in Guwahati

In the state of blue hills and red river, Assam lies the ancient yet modern city of Guwahati. There are many admirable places to visit in Guwahati which are astonishing to the core.  

Apart from being the commercial & educational hub and the gateway to Northeast India, Guwahati is a major attraction amongst the devotees for which it is a holy land. Kamakhya Devi, Umananda, and Navagraha temples are a few of the most visited temples of India.  

The city also offers an abundant scenic glimpse of the hills and the red river, Brahmaputra river alongside it. With the rich ecosystem and biodiversity, it is home to the world-famous one-horned rhinoceros, wild boar, and barking deer. One can also enjoy the majestic views of sunrise and sunset from the river cruise on the Brahmaputra river. Keeping scrolling down and discover the best places to visit in Guwahati.

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1. Khamakhya Devi Temple

Khamakhya Devi Temple - Guwahati

Millions of devotees from around the world visit this venerated temple throughout the year. Amongst the four important shaktipeeth in India, Khamkhya Devi is considerably known to be one of the holiest places to visit.

At the entrances of the temple, there are several beautiful carvings of flowers and idols. Inside the premises, there are colourful domes which adds to the beauty of the place. In June, the shrine celebrates the Ambubachi Mela and during this time the temple looks all lit and vibrant. Overlooking the dazzling Nilanchal hill, one can spend some time in divinity here in Khamakhya Devi temple.

Time: 5:30 AM – 10 PM

2. Umananda Temple

Umananda Temple - Guwahati

King Gadadhar Singh built the holy shrine in 1694 AD on Peacock island and sits atop the Bhasmacala mountain which is surrounded by the gurgling red river, the Brahmaputra. But the temple was reconstructed after being broken down due to the earthquake of 1867. Umananda temple is devoted mainly to Lord Shiva but also has other idols of Hindu Gods. The legend is that Lord Shiva resided here as Bhayananda. It is also said that Kamadeva was burnt down to ashes when he tried to interrupt the meditation of Lord Shiva.

Apart from this, the Umananda temple is one of the ideal places to visit in Guwahati to soak the scenic landscapes of the riverine island. Spend some time with yourself in peace and meditate to calm your mind and soul.

3. Peacock Island

Peacock Island - Guwahati

Also known as Peacock Island, it is said to be one of the smallest islands in the world. It has emerged as a famous tourist attraction in recent years especially because of its location. It is situated right in the middle of the Brahmaputra river and also comprises the holy shrine of Lord Shiva.

There are many legends associated with Umananda Island and the temple. Along with the aura of divinity in the air, you get the idyllic views of the wilderness around it. You also boat in the gurgling Brahmaputra.

4. Assam State Museum

Assam State Museum - Guwahati

The museum was constructed in the year 1940 by the Assam Research Society during the colonization of the British. The purpose of establishing the museum was to preserve the age-old culture, history, handicrafts, and various other things of the significant importance of North-East India.

Also known as the Assam Rajyik State Museum, it is located right in the middle of the Guwahati. One of the perfect places to visit in Guwahati if you are into history. Get to know the rich culture of ancient times as well as the modern history of the Northeast. Artefacts and sculptures from the 5th and 12th century are a few of the things you get to see inside the museum.

5. Guwahati Zoo

Guwahati Zoo - Guwahati

The 430 acres of land is solely dedicated to wildlife and wilderness. Also known as the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, the vibrant vegetation of the Hengragrabari forest is a sight to behold. The area is widely protected and maintained because of which it hadn’t lost its natural charm. The Zoo aka the Botanical garden is also considered as the lung of the city and one of the reasons for ever-increasing biodiversity in this state of North-East India. With many wonderful landscaped gardens, blooming flora, beautiful creatures, and a serene environment, this is one of the best places to visit in Guwahati.

Inside the protected area, one can come across different species of birds, animals and reptiles. It was established in the year 1958 and has seen millions of footfalls throughout the year ever since. One-horned rhino, giraffes, Ostriches and kangaroo are a few of the animals you get to see.

6. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary - Guwahati

At a distance of 30km from Guwahati, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary located in the Morigaon district is home to the renowned One-horned Rhinos and many endangered species of Birds. This place is also called the ‘Bharatpur of the East’. In recent years, this place has seen a significant amount of upsurge in the footfalls and became a pre-eminent stop towards the way to Kaziranga National Park.

Far-stretching land of 38 sq. Km is full of wildflowers and grasslands. Special excursion to Sualkuchi (weaver’s village) and Hajo (a pilgrimage site) can also be visited. Where you can get the real essence of the Assamese traditions, culture and a closer look inside the life of Assamese communities.

7. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park - Guwahati

In the heart of Assam, lies the Kaziranga National Park which shares its boundaries with 4 districts – Nagaon, Golaghat, Karbi, and Anglong. It is home to the largest population of the world-famous One-horned Rhino and has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. Although it is quite far, it is the most popular places to visit in Guwahati. It is also believed to be an unexampled wildlife conservation site in India.

With the mighty river Brahmaputra crossing through the national park, the broadleaf forest around it and the grasslands look stunning. Apart from the great One-horned Rhino, Kaziranga National Park is home to Asiatic elephants, wild buffalo, Royal Bengal tiger and leopards. The park is also famous for being a hot-spot for attracting migratory birds like black-nested stroke, white-fronted goose, Baer’s pochard duck, and Ferruginous duck are few of them. Other than this, you can also get a sight of the great Indian hornbill and wreathed hornbill.

This place is a paradise for a wildlife photographer, Journalist and enthusiasts. Along with maintaining sustainability, safaris and elephant rides are widely executed to take the tour around the national park.

8. Basistha Ashram

Basistha Temple - Guwahati

Located at a distance of 7km from the city centre, Guru Vashishta is believed to have established this ashram and lived here till his last breath. He has also known to have accredited behind the scenes of Ramayana.

The surroundings of the place have emerged as a peaceful place where one can sit and enjoy the serene and vibrant ashram.

9. Guwahati Planetarium

Guwahati Planetarium - Guwahati

About 5 kilometres from the city centre, Guwahati Planetarium is one of the excellent places to visit in Guwahati.

In the planetarium, you can watch various sky watching shows and some special shows that projects the dome of the building. All the shows are available in different languages including the vernacular language of Bengal and Assam. Every show is at an interval of 2 hours, so no matter what time you visit, some show will be running to entertain you.

Time: 11 AM – 4 PM

Entry Fee: INR 30 per person

10. Fancy Bazaar

Fancy Bazar - Guwahati

Also known as the Chandni Chowk of Guwahati, the Fancy bazaar is one of the biggest flea markets in the city. With many small and tiny shops, roadside stalls and vendors, Fancy Bazaar is the perfect shopping destination in all of Guwahati. It is similar to any other markets of India, lively, vibrant and chaotic.

You can get your hands on anything and everything starting from traditional textiles, jewellery, artefacts, handicrafts, furniture, designer clothing and whatnot. Apart from these, the labyrinths of the bazaar are filled with the aroma of the local street food. So, shop your heart out and when tired, try out some of the local street food from the roadside eateries.

What to buy: Assam Silk saree, Mekhela chador.

11. River cruise on the Brahmaputra

River Cruise On Brahmaputra - Guwahati

Cruising over the Brahmaputra is among the top 8 things to do in Guwahati. Being one of the prime tourist’s attraction, it is recommended to book your ride in advance. Spend a great time with your family or with your loved ones, watching the sunset and later at night, have a mesmerising candlelit dinner with soft music playing in the background.

12. Hajo Village


On the banks of Brahmaputra, at a distance of 24km from the city centre, lies a quin quintessential small village called Hajo. It is one of the ancient pilgrimage sites for three of the biggest religions of the world – Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. There are several shrines in the village, dedicated to the Hindu gods (Shiva, Vishnu, and Durga), the Budha and the Muslim saints.

Hayagriva Madhava temple is the most famous among all others and it is also said that Buddha attained nirvana at this very place. And among the Muslims, Powa Mecca Mosque is quite popular.

13. ISKCON Guwahati

Iskcon - Guwahati

One of the top tourist attractions in Guwahati is the ISKCON which is named Shri Shri Rukmini Krishna. It is situated atop the Ulubari Chariali from where you can get the panoramic view of the city. Explore and stroll around the place in peace and dedicate yourself to Lord Krishna.

Time: 8 AM – 8 PM

14. Accoland

Accoland - Guwahati

Who doesn’t like to spend some fun time in the Amusement parks? Well, everyone does. Accoland is North-East very first and very own water amusement park. Set amidst a beautiful location in-between the lush green slopes of the hills and tea-estates, this water park will perfectly cater to your requirement of fun and chill. It is one of the favourite places to visit in Guwahati by the resident as well as many northeast travellers.

Ther are several rides that will increase your adrenaline like the Vortex Maze, Pirate ship, and Skytrain. Along with big and dangerous rides, the park also has many rides suitable for kids like the toy train, merry go round, and caterpillar. Therefore, Accoland is the perfect place for a fun weekend with your friends and family.

15. Nehru Park

Nehru Parl - Guwahati

Comparatively a new addition to the city, Nehru park is among the top places to visit in Guwahati. The park is named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The highlight of this place is bazillion different species of trees and various sculptures depicting different dance forms such as Bihu, Bor Taal, Deodhani and Ojapali.

Apart from this, the lush greenery and freshness in the air provide a serene escape to a natural wonderland even though you’re still in the city. The other attractions in the park are the open-air theatre and the beautifully designed rock garden.

Time: 10 AM – 8 PM

Entry Fee: INR 10 per person

INR 5 (child)

16. Dispur

Dispur - Guwahati

If you want to visit the outer skirts of Guwahati, a perfectly meddled town, Dispur is the perfect place to spend a day. It became the capital city of Assam in 1973, the city is packed with unprecedented traditions, tribal communities and of course delightful environment.

Dispur is major famous for hosting tea auctions and some age-old Hindu temples such as Ganesh Mandir, Durga temple, and Satsang Vihar.

17. Manas National Park

Manas National Park - Guwahati

Yet another mesmerising National Park and a world heritage site as declared by UNESCO, Manas National Park is a biodiversity park, dedicated to protecting the tigers and elephants. Apart from this, you also get to see the rare red panda and the golden langur. The area is surrounded by tropical rainforests, hills and alluring grasslands. It is also famous because of preserving the largest population of tiger and wild water Buffalo in India. Also, according to the IUCN red book, the national park is home to many endangered species in India. There are elephant rides available from Mathanguri to Manas arranged by the forest department.

18. Navagraha Temple

Navagraha Temple - Guwahati

The shrine’s construction started in the year 1923 and was completed in 1943. Navagraha temple is majorly dedicated to the nine celestials, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and North and South Lunar nodes. Therefore, the temple has 9 elliptical stones popularly called Shiva linga.

19. Dipor Bil Lake

Dipor Bil Lake - Guwahati

Situated in the Kamrup district, Dipor Bil is a freshwater lake spread over an area of about 40sq. Km. Apart from being a freshwater lake, Dipor Bil has been declared as a Bird Sanctuary in 1989. With rich biodiversity and exquisite scenery, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Guwahati.

20. Srimanta Sankradev Kalakshetra

Srimanta Sankradev Kalakshetra - Guwahati

Bring out your artistic side while exploring the impressive art centre – Srimata Sankradev Kalakshetra.

The centre hosts and promotes various forms of arts and culture of Assam. Alongside there’s a space catered to the history of the place. The purpose of the centre was to preserve the forgotten ethnicities and heritage of the state and the country. One can explore the massive library which apparently has some ancient books, an art gallery full of impressive paintings, a museum and a children’s park (for they might get bore).

Must Know Facts About Guwahati

Q1. What is Guwahati is famous for?
Guwahati is majorly famous for Kamakhya Devi temple located on the top of Nilanchal hill but other than this there is plenty of tourist attraction like the Hajo village, Accoland – The amusement park, and Kaziranga National Park.

Q2. Is Guwahati worth visiting?
Being the gateway to major North-eastern states, Guwahati is a commercial and educational hub. But there are many famous holiday destinations in and around the city. With the amalgamation of culture, tradition, heritage, and wildlife, Guwahati is absolutely worth the visit.

Q3. What is famous to buy in Guwahati?
Here’s the list of things you can buy from Guwahati: –

Apparels made of Assamese silk (Pat, Muga etc.)
Cotton clothes with traditional thread work.
Artistic wall hangings, caps and shawls.
Hairclips and fashion accessories made of bamboo.
Tribal art.
Brass utensils
Toys made of clay.
Laichampi (traditional blank)

Q4. Is Guwahati safe at Night?
Guwahati is one of the safest cities for women and during the night-time in general. You can free roam the place without any hesitation.

Q5. What is the famous temple in Guwahati?
Although there are many temples of significant importance, the famous temple of Guwahati is Kamakhya Devi.

Q6. What are the best places to visit in Guwahati in winter?
Guwahati is the land of many national parks and wildlife sanctuary. So, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Dipor Bill bird Sanctuary are the best places to visit in Guwahati in winter.

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